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Last week, I got to interview the stunning Anja, blogger of  The dolls factory. She has only just publically launched her blog last year and its amazing! ENJOY ! 

Name: Anja
Nationality: Albanian, living in Milan Italy for now , moving to Paris soon.

Occupation:Working for a Luxury Fashion House, free lance writer

How would you describe your style?

My style is an ongoing experiment, depending on the mood and the place I’m going to I go from chic to grunge looks with no effort. I don’t think that what you wear shows your personality, what you wear shows how you feel in

that moment.

What’s your inspiration/motivation in life?

I get a lots of inspiration from music and old movies for style while in life reading a lot of biographies from bright minded people helps.

What made you start a blog?

I have always had notebooks to write ideas, then in 2005 I moved to blogger with a personal blog that could be read just by me. Last year I decided to go public and start writing about events, living in Milan meant that most events were fashion related so The Dolls Factory turned out to

Be a fashion blog mixed with exhibitions and other activities. So for now I’d say that its more of a lifestyle blog with a fashion twist.

Top Style / Beauty tip ?

Never be afraid to dare. If we don’t do experiments with our own style we’ll never find out what really suits you. Yes there will be some faux pas but better try out something new and make a mistake than is a boring looking person.

I’ve noticed your flawless skin. What’s your secret?

Persistence I might say. Everyone expects miracles from the products they use in the first week. I say that everything works if you give it the time to show results. Flawless skin will never happen overnight. I’ve been fighting acne since I was a teenager with Clinique Clarifying Lotion and

I’ve never stopped using it as I’ve found it to be the best product to clean every molecule of impurity. I’ve been given as a gift recently La Creme de la Mer and I’m having a wonderful result. I know that it costs a lot , but better get 1 expensive cream that works than 50 creams that don’t work. I’d advice girls to go first try it out at the beauty shop and see how it works for your skin. And once you find a cream that works for you use it for at least 1 year in a row to see the complete results.


Favorite High end store: Can’t pick one but YSL definitely has one of the best client services in the stores.

Favorite High street store: I’d say Zara because of the designs, but most of them are completely stolen from the runways and prices are becoming higher every day. So I have to pick H&M which has it’s own creative team working on the designs and they make great designer collaborations instead of just stealing them.

I love it when … people that I have a certain negative opinion about surprise me. I love changing my mind about people.

I hate it when … people steal my photographs and use them as their owns on their blogs. But now I’ve starting using a watermark so this isn’t happening anymore.

Right now ,I am craving…for charries. I always crave for cherries all year long.

New york or Paris ? Paris definitely, I love the European lifestyle more. But New York for sure looks adventurous.

Bora bora or Hawaii ? Hawaii… When I’m on holidays I love to visit cities and towns mixed with the relaxing on the beach part. So Bora Bora is to much relax for me, while Hawaii gives more oportunities to explore.

Coke or pepsi ? I used to drink only Pepsi when I was living back in Albania. I came to Italy and Pepsi tasted different here so I moved to Coke. When I was living in Spain there Pepsi was better, while in the UK I used to drink Cola. Now I’m back in Milan so I’m drinking Coke. I know people never think of this, but Coke and Pepsi taste different in different countries. It is not a huge difference actually, is more of a difference in the amount of sugar they use.

Summer or winter? Summer because my mood is much better when the sun shines.

Sky diving or parasailing?

Skydiving is on my list.

Chilled night or party night?

I’m into the chilled night period now. When I was in Uni I was quite a party girl. Now I go party only if there is an event, and living a Milan it’s not difficult to find these events.

Saks fifth avenue or Bloomingdales?

During Christmas time I’d say both. Especially for their Christmas windows and decorations.

Here are some of the events she has attended over the year ! 

Featured on MTV Style Bloggers

Byblos SS2012 Runway show 
The Christmas table from Dolce & Gabbana shop in milan

The dress from lanvin shop opening in Milan

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