Born and raised in Dubai, UAE, Abhiti Dudeja is a lifestyle blogger, content creator and philanthropist with over 10,000 followers. Abhiti’s Indian-Cambodian heritage, unique image and go-getter attitude has raised her to soar to great heights. Abhiti started her blog in 2011 while she was still in school and used it as a platform to express her creative side Considering Abhiti’s mother is a fashion designer, she would spend hours at her mother’s boutique helping her mix and match fabrics and that’s where her passion began. As she grew older, she started to share more about what she wore, where she ate and what she did. Rock N’ Runway quickly grew into a relatable site where millennials collectively came to connect from all around the world.

Rock N’ Runway has now become one of the region’s leading blogs being the first to be run by a 21 – year old. The site is updated once a week and features a range of topics from Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food & Lifestyle.

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Contact  – abhitidudeja@rockandrunway.com