Abhiti Dudeja, the founder and editor of “Rock&Runway” is a 16 year-old student that is born as well as raised in Dubai but a Bombay girl at heart. She has created a Fashion and lifestyle blog in the course of May 2011 to express her passion for fashion. Her style could be described as Fun, Chic and sophisticated and also very changeable on the mood and latest fashion trends.
Abhiti has succeeded to a level that she has formed her very own label called “Kkhushi” that focuses on selling fun, sophisticated and esquisite Kaftans. KKHUSHI, which means “Happiness” in hindi, is the name that her mother came up with. She says, she wanted to name the label something that makes her happy which turned out to be her two daughters, Abhiti and Anisha.
For now, They are working from Rock&runway and Kkhushi’s facebook page.
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