Beauty Connection Spa – The Biggest Spa in the Middle East

To start the weekend, I decided to treat myself to a manicure. There was a lot of hype about The Beauty Connection Spa when they opened their new branch, and they claim to be the biggest spa in the Middle East, so I had to see it believe it! Getting there was the first step; when I rang in, the receptionist was very helpful and was clear when directing me to the salon. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted well and was told to follow the “Red line” to get to the “Nail Salon”. They had color coordinated each service, so it is easy for the customer, I thought that was a smart idea.

When I saw the nail salon, I was surprised to how big it is, and I was quite impressed to see the number of staff they had who only specialized in nails. I was then guided to my manicurist that was friendly but seemed a little puzzled. One thing that put me off was her attitude, it made me think that she was not interested in giving the customers the best service. The manicure itself took about 25 to 30 minutes, which to me seem very rushed and not relaxing at all. To add to that, the chairs were very uncomfortable and seemed like the wrong choice for a salon who claims to have 11 years of experience.

On a good note, there was one lady, who I believe was the receptionist. She was very friendly and helpful, I mentioned that it was my first time at the salon, so she offered to show me around. I loved the concept, the salon was done up very well and I thought that they offered a good number of services for customers to choose from and more importantly the price was quite affordable compared to other salons in Dubai. I only payed 60 DHS for a standard manicure that is amazing! I was also told that on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the offer a 50 % discount on selected services like hair and waxing, which is a superb bargain.

Overall, I enjoyed my first experience at the Beauty Connection Spa, and I have to say the title “The Biggest Spa” fits! I will be going back sometime this week to try out some of the other services.

STAFF: 4/5

LOCATION: Not known but easy to find. 3/5


PRICE: 5/5


Website & Location:
Contact: 04 321 2888







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  1. law says:

    January 26, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    Will take a legal action
    As you posted a photo for a lady showing her hair as she’s cover ,without any permation in a ladies salon

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