Fashion Forward S2 – DAY 1

It’s official fall time and I’m super excited for the second season on Fashion Forward. This is one of the events that has escalated really quickly. I would say FFWD is the “Fashion Week” of Dubai and the top designers that take part definitely set the trends for the fashion community in the UAE. I didn’t get to go to the first day but today was very eventful, here’s how my day went!

2 AM : I attended a talk “The influence of Editors on the Fashion Landscape” in which Sofia Guellaty, the senior editor of Style Arabia took part at. I’m in love with her style and envy her every time she gets to go to Fashion Week. 

3 AM:  Hema Kaul Runway show.
Honestly, wasn’t my cup of tea. The designs were nice but the fitting and tailoring were not up to the standards at all. Nonetheless, I loved the concept of the collection and the colours were beautiful. 

3: 30 AM: I attended another talk by HIA Magazine, ” Buyers Where Art Thou?”

4:30 AM: Reem Al Kanhal Runway show.
Reem is one of my favorite designers and I was so happy to be attending her runway show. I can never say anything negative about her designs. She is absolutely amazing. Reem’s collection was very contemporary and simple.

6 AM: Dima Ayad

This was the highlight of my day! I loved each and every piece from Dima’s collection. I loved the tribal prints and the bright colors. Definitely set the trend!

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