Fashion Forward S2 – DAY 3

Day 3 was very tiring and eventful. I had a chance to attend the runway shows of some of the most known designers from a japanese inspired couture collection by Amato to Zayan’s flirty, feminine and always fun collection. I thought all these designers had one thing in common and that is that they all had an element of delicacy. From the runway photos below, it is obvious that they all have this effortless feminine look incorporated. 

5:00 PM : Fitting in & standing out:Distinguishing Features Of Dubai as A Fashion Capital

6:00 PM: Amira Haroon Runway show. 

hadn’t seen Amira’s collection before so I didn’t know what kind style and aesthetics she could bring to the table. I was very pleased and surprised by how amazing her designs were. Backstage she mentioned that her collection was inspired by the buoyancy of the ocean and the colours and textures also relate to the audience. My favorite outfit is the blue lace jumpsuit with the cape blazer – I HAVE to get my hands on that! I loved her collection a lot and thought all the pieces were taliored to perfection.

7:30 PM: Endamage runway show. 

Endemage is created by two very beautiful local woman and this collection was also inspired by the sea/ ocean however I couldn’t seem to find the connection.  I wasn’t a big fan of their collection – There was a lot of “been there done that” for me throughout the show. 

8:30 PM Amato

 Amato’s shows are always amazing but I found last years FFWD show more satisfying. His collection was very japanese inspired. I loved the fact that he decided to make the models walk down in traditional japanese wooden slippers.

9:30 AM Zayal The Label Runway show

I absolutely adore Zayan as an Designer and entrepreneur. She is a GENUIS. 
Zayan always has a positive, fun and flirty theme. This time it wasn’t exactly the perfect runway show to end the FFWD season with but nevertheless, her pieces were extremely cute and chic – I have to get my hand on some of these pieces. I did see some of the lipstick/ kisses print used in Stella McCartney’s S/S14 collection – I guess the trend is catching on. 

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