If I had to describe Farzi in 3 words, I would say Farzi is – Modern, Gastronomic and Energetic. I visited the highly hyped Farzi Cafe last week in the new City Walk (which was amazing BTW). What I love most about Farzi is that they stand out, they are creative, and they’ve taken the Indian Cuisine and completely transformed it into a modernistic cuisine. There is no other place that has grown like Farzi; they have grown with appreciation and that’s definitely the way to do it! SO, let me talk you through my Farzi journey.

We had a few issues with reserving the table, the ladies on the phone are not very nice/welcoming. However, we got a table for lunch and we started off with some drinks, not that great but worth a try. Then we had a look at the food menu, and I was immediately impressed with their range of dishes, they have something for everyone, vegetarian or not, there is something for everyone. We went ahead and ordered some of the most popular appetisers, Chicken Tikka Tarts, Raj Khachori, Dal Chawal Arancini and the Fried Tempura Prawns. All these dishes were impeccable but the ones that stood out were the Chicken Tikka Tarts and the Dal Chawal Arancini without a doubt, I was ready for seconds with these dishes. The tarts were cooked to perfection and seasoned so well; they were delicious! The Dal Chawal Arancini was like something I’ve never had before. I loved the mix of traditional Indian home-cooked dish diversified with a famous Italian dish. It was something different and delicious and I loved the mini papad on the top! ( SOH cute)

Moving to our mains, again, there was a lot of variety. We decided to order a diverse set of dishes. We went with the Butter Chicken Buns, Lamb Shawarma Biryani, Prawn with Lemon fried rice and Mushroom Risotto. The prawn and the lemon rice was not as delicious as the other dishes. BUT, the Butter Chicken Buns were my favourite! I loved it so much, I ordered an another round. My second favourite was the Lamb Shawarma Biryani, I know sounds really interesting but tasted so good, the lamb was cooked to perfection and was melting in my mouth. When I saw the Mushroom Risotto on the menu, I was a little surprised so I was curious to know as to why they included it on the menu. It arrived in a basket bowl, with some decorative flowers, looked so good but tasted quite average. Also, I noticed that it wasn’t on a lot of tables, it was one of those dishes that people would think twice to order in an Indian restaurant. I would definitely change that around a bit, but nevertheless, it was good.

Now for the DESSERT, at this point, we were stuffed, but I was determined to try as much as I could. We ordered the Risotto Phirni Oxide and the Lotus Cheese Cake and recommended the Rasmalai Tres Leches. All of them were really good, the Risotto Phirni Oxide was the one that stood out for sure, there was something so addictive about the mix of the risotto rice in the desert, almost made it like a pudding. It was really good and it came with a live demonstration of some dry ice action! Really cool to watch! The Lotus Cheese Cake is one of the most ordered desserts at Farzi and I was a little let down by it, it tasted really good but wish it was a cheese cake ice cream, rather than a warm cheesecake in the middle of 2 lotus biscuits; good but could have been better.

Overall, I was very impressed with Farzi Cafe, and I would have to go there a couple of times to taste some of the other interesting dishes as well but I definitely recommend visiting Farzi at least once, it’s something like you have never tried before. Everything from their decor down to their table theatrics was satisfying. The world of gastronomy is growing so quickly and Farzi is one restaurant that defines these techniques so well! All photos of the dishes I’ve tried and talked about are below – Enjoy!

Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Location – City Walk 2, Al Safa, Dubai UAE

For my readers in India, There are many outlets all around you, and you can discover all their locations on their website –

Contact- 04 3942556



Welcome Yogurt Shots


Raj Kachori


Chicken Tikka Tarts


Dal Chawal Arancini


Fried Tempura Prawn


Passion Fruit Mojito


How our Butter Chicken Buns were served…


Butter Chicken Bun – My Favourite!

Prawn with Lemon Fried Rice


Mushroom Risotto


Lamb Shawarma Biryani


Lotus Cheese Cake


Ras Malai Tres Leches


 Risotto Phirni Oxide



How we received our cheque…


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