Harper’s bazaar’s "Celebration of Fall Fashion"

This weekend, I manage to attend at-least one event besides doing all my annoying school work. This event was all about the Fall fashion and the latest trends from fashion week. As you can see below prints is still going strong. As this event was focused more on British designers, Stella McCartney stood out the most for Harpers bazaar. Her pieces were beautifully executed and had the perfect fit on the models. 
One of my favorite outfits was the Mix-matched orange prints. I love the how the orange’s actually look good together and doesn’t just look like a tacky and cheap outfit. It looks elegant and sophisticated which is what I am always looking for.
I hope this information educated you on the Fall trends.  It sure helped me a lot since I don’t even have time to read my magazines in peace. IB is torture. 

I’m aware that there hasn’t been a lot of outfit posts these past few weeks and I hardly blog but it’s gonna change. It has to and it will change…. buy this weekend. 


Fashion editor of Harper’s bazaar Arabia.

In love with the Victoria Beckham bag.

Andrea brocca 

The stunning LAN, the nicest woman I know.
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