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My mum has had her own business for about 20 years and she has been amazing at doing what she does! During my weekends and breaks I would always visit her and learn so many new things. We have always been keen on creating a family business but never knew what to create. A few months ago we noticed that a Kaftan trend was one of the most popular ongoing trend. Personally, we love kaftans! We can’t get enough of them. So we decided to create our own label that mostly focuses on Kaftans but we will be having other creations.
KKHUSHI, which means “Happiness” in hindi, is the name that my mum came up with. She said she wants to name the label something that makes her happy which turned out to be her 2 daughters, Me and My sister.We want our designs and piece’s to be very unique which is why we have very limited quantity.
We are so excited to see how kkhushi progresses through the year. We really hope you like the kaftans1

For now, we are going to work from my blog and our facebook page until we get our online store sorted.
To place an order or purchase.
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