Could This Be The New Beauty Blender?

These sponges are claimed to be the “Beauty Blender Killer” but I honestly don’t think it can do any justice to the beauty blender. I did a whole face of makeup with the sponge and it looked really good before I baked my face. Once I set my face, you could clearly see a line separating my makeup from my actual skin and it got worse throughout the day.👀 By the end of the day, I hated the way my makeup looked but I thought it was just me, so I tried it one more time the day after I filmed this video and nope, I just couldn’t get my self to like it. 🤷 However, I do think it blends parts of the face well, I like the way it blends my concealer as well as my liquid highlighter but it’s not something that a brush can’t-do. Also, one thing I do like about this product is that a little product goes a long way. In the video, I applied the same amount of product that I would apply when I use a Beauty Blender and I realized that the Beauty Blender soaks up half the product while the Silicone Sponge lets me use the same amount of product for my face as well as my neck with a little extra left behind. Bottom line – it isn’t going to replace my brush or my beauty blender.

What is it?

It is a sponge made of silicone that claims to blend your makeup without soaking any product and to leave you with a picture-perfect skin.

How to use?

It is suggested to use the Tap- Tap- Tap motion to blend the foundation until you have an even layer of foundation but that will take you quite a long time and will leave your face looking super cakey.

How do I suggest you use it?

If you are stressed, this is the perfect stress reliever, it’s squishy and nice to play with! 😂 Jokes aside, I would suggest using it for blending your concealer using dabbing motions.

Is it really worth the hype?

I wouldn’t recommend it, it feels like just another gimmick. I would say if you’re just curious to see how it works, give it a try. Who knows? Maybe it might do the trick for you.

Where to Buy? – I bought mine from a beauty store in Thailand, but I’ve seen it all around Dubai! The best bet would be purchasing it from any Wojooh Stores, they’re a trusted brand!

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