Medieval Meets Modern

Welcome back my beautiful readers! Ramadan Kareem to all who are celebrating and hope you all have a blessed Ramadan. Today on the blog, I decided to feature one of my favorite trends of the season – THE CORSET! The corset had been long forgotten until it recently made a come back at NYFW. When I wear a corset, it completely enhances all my curves which is amazing for any curvy girl and I personally love it BUT you have to be very careful when styling a corset. If you are plus-size or curvy girl or both, purchasing a corset that is a size bigger would be the best option – If the corset is too tight, it might turn a chic outfit into a tacky one. Whereas if you purchase a corset that it is really tight or tied to tight, it can defeat the purpose.

I got this corset from Zara, they have a few really good ones, I picked this one because A. It’s black and can be worn with literally anything. B. It’s stretchy and the tightness can be adjusted and C. It’s a classic corset! The thicknessĀ is also a very important thing to look at when your buying a corset, if it’s too thick in width/height it will look super ill-fitted on a curvy girl like me for example, however, on someone who has a straight body shape, it will look beautiful!

Here I styled it, with one of my favorite navy dresses, the corset also cut a few extra inches of the bottom since it gathers fabric at the waist, so it kinda make a long dress a midi. I also added a white oversized clutch, to break the colour, some hoops and my shiny Miu Miu sneakers to top it off!





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