My Laser Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic

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DISCLAIMER: All the information below is purely based on my personal experience. I suggest consulting a doctor at Kaya before going ahead with any procedures since it is different for everyone. 

Girls, we all know what our biggest nightmare is – BODY HAIR, it’s everywhere and for some of us we have more than others, but I guess now we have a way to get rid of it! – FOREVER! We all know how annoying it is when he have half grown hair, and it’s too short to wax but visible enough to be seen, and that is when pants become our best friend… but have no fear ladies, LASER is here to save us!

I’ve got so many questions about my experience at Kaya and honestly, I’m so impressed! I started off on a very on a smaller area, my lower face. So let me talk you through my experience, my first step was to research a good clinic, and when I found Kaya, I was super impressed, they are reputable, have really good doctors and staff that are very well trained. So that’s step one done for you. The next step was to consult their doctor; she thought that my hair was too fine for the regular laser machine, and it would lead to side effects, but she did mention a more skin-friendly machine, the ‘DepiLight’ that would lead to some good results. For those of you who have not heard of this before, the depilight is a high power diode laser system for hair removal specific to fine hairs and sensitive skin. There are no burning risks and also improves your skin tone during the treatment! Sounds like magic right?  I did a trial session with them and it went really well, my hair didn’t grow back for more that one and a half month which is amazing! I am currently on my fifth session, and my hair is gone, I have to go every 3-4 months with little to no hair, and I’m honestly so happy with the results. Fatma has been treating me since I started at the Karama branch, she is honestly the best and the sweetest, highly recommend that you book a session with her – SHE KNOWS HER STUFF!  All their contact details are down below.

Website –
Karama Branch – +97143369081 / +97143369082
Prices – Please note that prices vary for different body parts, contact the clinic for more information.

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