Prom 2012

Prom! The event that every teenager looks foward to, It’s the last night of high school, It’s a night filled with memories,friends and lots of love. Saturday night was probably one of the best and most memorble night of my life. I was looking foward to prom ever since I was a little girl ,thought about what i’d wear?, who i’d go with? I just love the curious and mysterious looks that girls give each other when they talk about their dresses and fight over having the same colour or even the same DRESS.(the biggest disaster)
And ofcourse, How can I forget? PROM KING AND PROM QUEEN. 
I won one of the sub catergories which was “Most likey to be famous in the future” It was so exciting. I had the urge to give a speech but unfortunetly i could’nt. Sad, i know.
 It was an amazing, unforgetable and very emotional night 🙁 I would go back and stay there if I could. haha But unfortunetly I had my art GCSE next day so you can imagine what I was going threw. It’s torture.
My favorite part, my dress! I wanted to go for something very elegant and bold so i decided to wear a pink flowy gown with puffed sleeves and swarovski work on the neck and weist . My dress was designed by Ali Obadi. He is one of the most talented desginers ever. You have to see his sketches. They are so gorgeous…. I’ll try getting some of him so I can show you guys. For my make-up, I went with a natural look since the dress was really bold. Valentino from Inglot did a great job at that ! He’s amazing! 
So this was my prom experience… I would love to hear about yours or what you wore ! 
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