As most of you guys know, I travelled to the US for a month with my family and we visited 5 cities – Los Angeles , Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Washington DC & New York. I hardly got to blog and it was either because we had no wifi or really bad wifi, so I decided to share my experiences through an Instagram diary. Stop 1 was LA, the entertainment capital of the world.  Continue reading to find out more!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.32.11 PMSo it all started with a early morning flight to LA with Emirates, we flew on the A-380 and it was a really a comfortable and smooth trip. The staff were super friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the flight and it didn’t seem like 16 hours at all with all the in-flight services. The only downside was that the on-flight wifi wasn’t working but other than that, I highly recommend traveling with Emirates on business class for long flights especially if your traveling with kids.  As soon as we arrived, we made our way to the hotel, the Beverly Hilton in Beverly hills and called it a night.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.32.44 PMThe next morning we had an early start and made our way to Universal Studios, it took us about 45 minutes from our hotel to Universal Studios. We had an amazing time. We went on almost all the attractions but my all time favorite was “The Mummy” and if you love roller coasters, you definitely have to try it. Another attraction that we all loved was the Universal Studio tour, it was a great experience. If you’re planning to go, you can’t miss it!
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Day 3 was all about touring around LA, we set up all our tours with VIP tours. They were the best in LA, so organized, helpful and affordable  – we had no problems or complaints. I high recommend them if your planning a trip to LA. They had really fun tour guides and it definitely wasn’t one of the boring historic tours that put you to sleep, because we all hate that. We visited Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Celebrity homes and much more!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.33.11 PMDay 4 was a day of DISNEYLAND!  Again, it took about 45 mins from the hotel and the park was absolutely huge! Disneyland was split into 2 parks, Disneyland the park and California Adventure. My personal favorite was the California Adventure park mostly because we have visited Disneyland in Paris and Hong kong and the main park was designed exactly the same and had the same attractions. The California adventure park had a variety of attractions but it was more of the dangerous ones which is what I LOVEEEE!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.33.23 PM

 The last day was our shopping day and we literally shopped till we dropped, the best shopping bargins were made at “The Alley” in Downtown and Rodeo Drive and Melrose for the more high-end items.  We ended our trip with an amazing Chinese dinner at Mr.Chow and some Sprinkles cupcakes from the Cupcake ATM for dessert which was the perfect last day in LA.

I hope you enjoyed my LA travel diary! Stay tuned for the rest of it soon!

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