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A couple of weeks ago, I had a pleasure of being invited to Saj & Co to try out their menu in their super cozy restaurant located in the heart of JLT. Let me first mention a few things about Saj & Co. that you might already know or not; the creators of Saj & Co. are the same creative minds behind Logma –  for those who have been frequent readers of my blog will know that I LOVED Logma. SO, of course, I went into Saj & Co. with high expectations and trust me, I wasn’t disappointed. This new concept is based around the Lebanese cuisine and strives to deliver freshly baked Saj bread and wraps that are to die for and totally worth the visit. So without further adieu, let’s get into the review!

The Drinks – I ordered OJ, as per usual, and my sister got the Laban, as per usual. You would think that a food blogger would like to try something new but you thought wrong. >.< They were both so so good!

The Appetizers –  I was so excited to try the appetizers, there are so many items that just make you wonder what it would taste like. For example, the HALLOUMI FRIES 😍 were to die for and were definitely one of the best I’ve had. 🙌🏼 I was also a really big fan of the Crispy Chicken Sticks,  and the sauces that came with the two complemented the dishes really well. When these dishes were served, they came in hot and fresh exactly how Lebanese food should be served and we loved it! Our order also included Hummus and Quinoa Tabouleh which had the standard, expected taste you would expect at a Lebanese place.

 The Main Course – we ordered quite a few Saj Bread Combos; we tried the Pesto Chicken, Akkawi Cheese Saj and The Chicken Shawarma Wrap. I started with the Pesto Chicken Saj Wrap, which I personally wasn’t really a fan of, I felt that it lacked the flavour of the true pesto sauce and the taste of the Saj Bread also came in the way of the pesto zest. The Akkawi Cheese Saj is one of their signatures as well as their most popular and I was in love with it. It was love at first bite! It tasted fresh and so appetizing, I would say it might be one of the best comfort foods. The final Saj Wrap that we could fit in before hitting the food coma was the Chicken Shawarma and it had a nice taste to it, it definitely tastes like a shawarma but for me, it was lacking something, either the chicken was a little dry and the wrap lacked tahini or garlic paste. I can’t put my finger on it but it didn’t quite hit the spot for me. Out of the three, I tried, The Akkawi Cheese hands down is my favourite and I highly recommend it!

The place itself was super cute, well decorated, very minimal and cozy. This location is a startup, where they are mainly experimenting with home delivery, so this cute compact space is perfect for them. Even though it’s quite a small place, it doesn’t feel small. They have open register counter alongside the open kitchen and seating space that can fit up to 15 people which is impressive. SO, I would say this place is perfect for people who like the grab a bite on the go, this is the perfect comfort food and for a very affordable price ( Trust me, It’s cheaper than you think)  I’m so happy to see the Crown Concepts expanding and I would definitely visit again very soon! Good Luck Guys!

LOCATION: MAG 214, Cluster R, JLT, Dubai

CONTACT: 04 4298856


Crispy Halloumi Sticks – 5/5
Crispy Chicken Sticks – 5/5
Hummus – 4/5
Tabbouleh Quinoa – 4/5

Main Course
Chicken Shawarma Saj– 3/5
Chicken Pesto Saj – 2/5
Akkawi Cheese Saj – 5/5

Nuttella and Banana Saj – 3/5
Milk Chocolate Saj – 3/5


Laban – 4/5
Fresh OJ – 4/5





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