The Choker Collection by Kkhushi X SIVVI.COM

Hello guys! By now if you follow me social media, you would know that we, Kkhushi have just launched the Choker Collection! We saw that the choker trend completely shot up this season, so we decided to create a line of exquisite chokers with a twist. The choker necklace has a long and storied history but it’s making a comeback this year. In the 1800s, Royalty was said to be influenced by Indian Dress and jewelry and that’s how we like to think of our Kkhushi girls, like pure royalty. These chokers have been made in many different ways with diamonds, pearls, lace and velvet. They can also be seen as objects of elite because the best kinds were custom- made to fit one’s neck perfectly. Today, chokers are a great way to dress up any neckline. A simple strap of velvet can add a feminine or edgy touch to a plain white t-shirt and leather pants. Our chokers can be dressed for all occasions The ‘Classic’ can be worn as an everyday piece whereas the ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Kkhushi’ can be for special occasions. The Innocent, Sinful and Svelte are the newest additions and so perfect for the summer!

The most exciting part of our new venture is that we have collaborated with SIVVI.COM, one of our favourite online shopping destinations in the Middle East. They always have the latest and trendiest pieces for sale and we absolutely love them!

We are live right now on Click on the link below to check out our collection and place and order. Also don’t forget to hashtag #KkhushiChokers or tag us @kkhushiofficial

The Classic Poster

The Fantasy Poster

The Kkhushi Poster

The Sinful

The Innocent JPEG

The Svelte Poster


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