The perfect "Back to school" bag !

Hello loveys, For those that have school coming up soon and are struggling to find a comfy chic bag to hold up all those heavy books- oh god,even thinking about it makes me go crazy…I think i have found the perfect bag for us ! THE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL, Its one of the toppers on the love list of us blogger ! And i think that the satchel is perfect for school , it has space , comfy , has loads of pockets and just so adorable. It can be used for anything really, you don’t HAVE to use it for school, it can also go as a really cute over sized clutch if you want ! 
The Cambridge Satchel comes in many different styles and colors. I instantly fell in love and placed an order for a red satchel! (it match’s my uniform ha ha )

You can place your order here, where you can get your satchel embossed too.

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