Zara shoes, jeans and bag. Vintage jewelry.
 Accessorizing your outfit is the easiest way to make your outfit look brand new. I used to wear this shirt for very casual errands like going supermarket shopping or getting take-out but I now I turned it into some wearable outwear. For me, a statement piece or pieces is a must. I cannot walk out of the house without anything on my hands. It’s impossible.
To accessorize is a skill. You have to know how and where to break the color in your outfit. Chunky jewelry usually works for me but wearing just a watch and some bright shoes might just do the trick. I have incorporated a lot of color blocking in my outfit just because it’s jeans and a shirt there’s many more wonders you can do to these simple garments but I thought this would have been the most appropriate to wear to dinner. Hope you like it!

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