Versace X H&M Men’s collection !

I have had a few requests from the guys to feature men’s fashion on my blog and I said why not? It would be a wonderful addition to my blog and I would gain some insights on men’s fashion too! So here it is!

Donatella Versace has decided to go back in time to fetch some of the most classic Versace patterns and recreate them for a whole new audience. She has focused on “iconic dresses” for the women and sharp tailoring for the men! Personally, I think sharp pieces make a man look more fit and buff (I think they mean the same thing) And by sharp I don’t mean tight.

Right now, I know you’re thinking, “Who on earth would wear a pink suit and walk around like a clown?” Well, I completely agree with you! Lets leave the suit to the guys who can really pull it off. But one of my favorites is the quilted leather jacket with the Versace Greek pattern on the arms. I absolutely adore that! I don’t think any guy would go wrong with that no matter what size or shape they are. It’s a statement piece. I don’t see why the ladies can’t wear it either. It would be the perfect “boyfriend jacket”- Another reason why you guys should have it in your closet, huh?

Kanye west was spotted wearing the jacket while performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show. I know I am tempting you ,aren’t I ?

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